Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ala Commode, Ala Faux Pas

Remember how I read my friend bigbahamamama's blog while sequestered in the bathroom at the diner? And then remember how I blogged about it? In cyber public?

Well I just happened to click on one of her  old posts in which she details her utter distaste for toilet reading. Forgive me, Big Mama. I had no idea. If you nearly left your husband for taking your copy of Dorian Gray into the bathroom, then what will you do to me, a mere old friend, for taking your actual BLOG into that most private and distasteful of rooms? And telling about it?

Mea Culpa.


Big Bahama Mama said...

Ah, but here's the difference. I never have to touch your computer, so you're welcome to read my blog in any public bathroom you choose. Now, sacred copies of my favorite novels? That's a different story.

Emily said...

But reading "ala commode". C'mon, that was a beautiful phrase.

Charlotte said...