Tuesday, November 26, 2013

OOPS! Sorry—Head over next door . . .

UPDATE: I just made my private blog public for now. I haven't written much there, and looking back on the few posts I don't feel there's anything all that private. I'm working on a book about our story now, so blogging more at my writing blog, everymagicseed.com.

Sorry sorry sorry, everybody! I finally pulled the trigger and went private, and then immediately didn't feel good about it. There are so many struggling adoptive families out there getting no real, true perspectives that I hated the idea of all my old posts suddenly being harder to find. I decided to create a second, private blog instead. So that's why your email got bombarded again. I invited you all next door to my"quiet" blog, at swensensaysitquietly.blogspot.com.

This blog will continue to stay public, and will include all sorts of different things, especially about our upcoming house build. The other blog with be invitation only, and will contain the more difficult stuff that is harder to share publicly, especially about difficult parts of our adoption. Again, I am happy to let anyone read it as long as they email me and ask, and are reading in the right spirit. It's all just about protecting my kids' privacy.



Private: the Sequel

Ok, Ok, so it's a little ridiculous that it took me six months to get around to taking my blog private. I had to let it simmer, right? I apologize—thanks for sticking with me. I extended an invitation to everyone for whom I could find an email address.

If you would like to be added at any time—even if you're a new reader I haven't met before—shoot me an email at emilymabey@gmail.com.

There were a few of you whose email addresses I couldn't find:

Stephensen Celebrations
Jennifer Bruner (didn't know if you wanted me to use Garths?)

Just email me and I'll add you.

Thanks, everybody!