Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bored, Nothing to Post

It's official: it has been over a week since I posted. In fact, this is not a real post so the clock is still running. Either I'm really really tired, or I just have nothing to say. Let's look at a few post options I'm considering:

1. If you like me, check this box.

2. "Roses are red, Violets are Blue, I love the Olympics and"
"Valentine's too?"
Not really--used to, but now it's too much work to be Cupid for the kids, make pink rice krispie treats for school, and try to be nice enough to deserve my own Valentine.

"So should you?"
Of course you should, and I'm sure you already know that by now. As my friend Brooker said, park yourself. For 17 days. Don't let anyone beg you to do otherwise. The winter games only come every 4 years. Right now I'm watching the opening ceremony on tivo and the real red people are skiing straight down out of the ski. Cool. That's all I'm saying.

"Corn Pops too?"
OK, TMI about what I just ate. (Two bowls.)

3. When in doubt, give a boring, straightforward picture of your current situation:

As we are all parked on the couch in front of said Olympic ceremonies and red skiiers,

Saffron is braiding Willa's hair as Willa cries and Saffron says things like, "Willa, no hurt. Willa, mom said finish braid or bed, right Mom?" and gives a running commentary on the Olympics with details like "I don't understand, it's Canada? US? I no know. OH! Black change! And necklace. First, and necklace? Oh my goodness! It's computer, what? That is very cool."

Steve is holding Ruby, who is holding the dog, and who is giving her own commentary: "That's amazing! Oh, I can see that they're really on wheels but it looks like skates. I can do that."

Jasper, having been forced to join us for this family bonding, is watching his iPod. Of course, his mom is on the computer so what can I say. GRRROOOOSSSSSSS!!!! That's what I can say--Saffron just brought a huge pile of hair full of scabs, which she pulled out of Willa's head. TMI?


Brooke said...

Yep, still on the couch watching the Olympics. Not even going to feel guilty about it!

Belinda said...

TMI?? Ummmm....yes, I think it is! Two bowls of corn pops! Really?! I'm fine with the scabs though! Ha, Lol. I have never been an Olympic watcher, you almost have me feeling a bit unpatriotic. Almost. Hope you all enjoyed the family Valentine's Day bonding!! We heart you all!

emilysouthers said...

sounds like regular every day wonderful life to me! our valentines date consisted of sending our 5 kids off to spend the night with their respective parents, then running at the gym, a "date" to Smith's, and dinner (Coco Pebbles) on the couch watching the Olympics!

Kristin said...

ROFL. Love the TMI.

MsScreensiren said...

Yes, Gross! Would it be too traumatic to shave it all off and do scarves while it healed?

Stephanie said...

Olympics? Are those on right now? I am so out of touch with the world. I haven't watched the Olympics since I was a kid, but I'd love to (except that we don't own a TV!) Oh, well. Count me as checking the box and enjoy the rest of the Olympics and your Corn Pops. ;-)