Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Name That Blogging Insecurity:

1. I figured out another reason I was down--I was experiencing CW: Comment Withdrawal. I was wondering why no one ever commented on my blog anymore . . . it was my own darn fault. After I got my first spam comment, I changed my settings so I could moderate comments. But I didn't realize I would receive no email notifications, and no comments would be published until I OK'd them. They were just languishing in my queue, waiting for me to check my blog, which I was not checking, because no one was commenting, because I wasn't allowing them to, and I was considering offing my blogself. Ahh, stupidity. I'm with you now, blogger.com. I get it!

2. I'm not going to name any names (E-m-i-l-y, again), but some people remind me from time to time how LLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG my posts can get. It's true. I know! "Pithy" may not be the very first word one would choose to describe my blog. This is one of the main reasons I did not blog for years. My writing training consists mostly of the essay-style, analytical kind, which lent itself well to my masters thesis but does not lend itself to brevity. As brevity is the soul of wit, this is probably the reason I am not funny. So, I waffle between arguing to myself that not all blogs must fit the same mold, to thinking I should quit blogging all together, to arguing (to myself again) that if people don't have time they should just read in installments, or not read at all.

3. It's the photo thing again--need to post photos! Neeed tooo ppooosssttt ppphhhootttoosss! Emily, the same as above, still offers to post them for me, even though she still refuses my offer to install her ceiling fan. Can't imagine why.

Reasons to Feel Good About My Blog:

1. I have a follower in England! OK, so she may be related to me, but it still makes me feel quite the sophisticate. Thanks, S.
     *correction:  TWO followers in England!  Who are both related to me, and who are both named 'S.' I forgot to count my sister, as I require her to follow my blog or risk losing her American supplier of Hot Tamales.

2. Everyone keeps thanking me for my "honesty" and "frankness." This is a bit alarming when I think I'm just being myself, and that I'm actually censoring plenty, but I'll take it!


Sally said...

It's my pleasure E! And please do not change a thing about your blogs. They are perfect the way they are. You are writing from the heart and that would not be compatible with brevity. I was getting quite worried that you had stopped altogether, so please keep them coming. And, as you may have noticed, I am completely incapable of brevity myself, so a brief blog would leave me very dissatified. (And I do know that one should not start a sentence with And ....)

amydear said...

As a very competent speed reader, I am not daunted by long posts. Glad you figured out the comments. Funny how much blog self esteem is related to comments, eh?

Melissa said...

You're a crack up.

Emily said...

Another reason to feel good about your blog: It is my favorite blog to read, and I LIKE your posts just the way they are. "Pithy" entries wouldn't begin to tell the whole story! If you off your blogself I'll have to kill ya. Whichever comes first.

Emily said...

Sally, I believe strongly in starting many sentences with And. And I'm glad you agree.

Jennifer said...

I have been waiting anxiously and just about called you today. You haven't blogged in awhile and I was getting worried! Glad you have sorted is all out. I will try to respond with something intelligent now! (Not likely.)

it's just lisa said...

I like the lengthiness. I like keeping up with your family. You guys are great :)

Big Bahama Mama said...

Don't shorten the posts. Leave "pithy" to people who don't have much to say. Your life should be a novel (add that to the list of things you should be doing.)