Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some Photos

Exhausted airport arrival--sorry so blurry.

Saffron Showing Us She Can Knit:  Has the new hair, but not the new teeth yet.

Saffron knitting again, and showing off her new teeth.

Willa's Braids Upon Arrival

Willa's new braids, right after the two-hour crying ordeal.

Poor Ruby's injuries after the bike crash.


Stephensen Celebrations said...

Your girls are gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Man they're all so beautiful.
Looks fantastic.
Was it much to braid?

Emily said...

Saffron looks stunning. Ruby still does, too! Hope she mends soon!

it's just lisa said...

I'm pulling for you too;)

Charlotte said...

What beautiful girls you have. I love all those brown eyes in your family.