Monday, January 02, 2012

Look at Me, So You Can Feel Better About Your Post-Holiday Self

I think it's safe to say my house is as messy tonight as it's ever been in its entire life--or at least in it's entire life under my jurisdiction. These are the rooms I see ranking an absolute 10 on the disaster scale: KITCHEN, FAMILY ROOM, MY BEDROOM, LAUNDRY ROOM, and HALL. The rest may only rank as messy, but if those key rooms are that bad who can cheer themselves up about the rest, right? Having lived in many apartments in my life, I call the kitchen, family room, and my bedroom "the apartment." I've learned that if the apartment--where I spend the bulk of my time--is messy, I feel pretty bummed about the whole house. SOOOO, do you think I spent the day cleaning my house? NOPE! Steve and I spent the last day of the holiday cleaning out the shop on our back patio. Why? Because that's what we do. Projects. Too Many Projects!


Tomorrow I'll have everything I need: kids back in school, a new book to listen to from the account I got for Christmas, and I am off to the races. I am a cleaning machine! I will clean, the whole world will look brighter, and I might even let you in this time if you ring my doorbell.

So please take this opportunity to feel better about yourself by comparing you to me: today you were a better housekeeper than Emily. I know, they say not to compare yourself to others to build yourself up--but I'm giving you my permission to step on me on your way up the ladder to self-contentment. But just this once, please. :)


Melissa said...

It was good to see you the other night.
Good luck with the cleaning.
I'll be doing the same thing.

Sally said...

I wouldn't bank on all your blog followers feeling superior to you because their houses are less messy! I wonder what my excuse can be? No juvenile children any more, but the grown up ones are just as messy (male!). And my spare moments have been spent on the family research - my "me" time over the holidays. Christmas and New Year throw up all sorts of other things that have to be done, so who feels like making it all worse by constantly cleaning too? Having said that, I am aware of all the things that need doing lurking in the background and I will feel so much better when they have been done. Maybe next week ..... So really, maybe you, with 5 children and even thinking about cleaning should be the one feeling superior?