Thursday, April 01, 2010

Who's the Boss?

Today my mom and Willa picked me up from the airport after my much-needed break with Steve: a week in Ireland with friends and NO KIDS. Willa greeted me and then said,

"Mom, I told you not to go. . . . And then you still go!"

She was rather indignant--as if I had been disobedient.

I then learned that Saffron had tried to boss my dad around, and Jasper had tried to boss my mom.

So what gives? You'd think these were the children of a parent who shrugs and takes flack--WHICH I DON'T!! On the contrary, I feel like I spend much of my life re-iterating to my children that I am the boss, and they shall treat me as such, and speak to me with respect, and no it won't be fair.

Jasper's smack I've dealt with for almost decade, but I must admit I'm surprised how quickly Saffron and Willa became comfortable with confronting their elders. Maybe it's a good sign that they have adjusted quickly and no longer fear adults? That I've done such a fab job I didn't even realize the progress?

Or, maybe it means I've lost it and talked too much smack to myself, setting a bad example. Maybe they're learning too much from their brother.

Nah, I'm going to stick with the fab job. That's my decision--and I'm the boss.


Emily said...

So glad you are back! Why haven't you called me?!?!? (I wonder where kids get bossiness from?)

Charlotte said...

I'm so glad you were able to get away together. That must have been heaven (even though Ireland was cold even in August when we were there). I'd also go with the fab mom response as well.

Brooke said...

Can we go back. I'm sad it's over. I'm glad you are the Boss however, it's great to be the boss!

MsScreensiren said...

Sounds like all the apples are falling close to the tree--biological and adopted...

Glad you had a lovely break!

Schteevie said...

I agree. You are the boss -- and yes, I DO read your blog. Love it.