Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Four score and seven blogs ago . . .
We the people of the United Blogosphere, in order to form a more
cyber union. . .
When in the course of posting events ...

How do you start a blog post again? It's been so long I can't remember.

This is what I've learned from the two baseball games I've attended
this evening--Ruby's and then Jasper's:

1. No matter how cool the players look in their shirts and visors, you
know you're watching a little girls' team when the parents yell things
like, "Be ready to run, Elly-Belly!"

2. There may not be any Weeping Willows beautifying the field at
Jasper's game, but that's no problem when you've got your own lovely
Pouting Willa.


Brooke said...

Oh, she is so cute even mid pout. What seems to be the trouble. Thanks for all your good advice last week. I plan to put it to good use as soon as they get home.

Rachel said...

Shoot me now. Lydia's softball game lasted an hour and a half. Not sure that I could do two.