Friday, March 05, 2010

Willa, Interrupted

Well, I promised to write the good AND the bad, and as I've been faithful about the bad, I'm compelled to record some good, too. The last little bit Saffron has been absolutely delightful. What an amazing girl! Last night she asked me if she could take me up on an old offer to make a video history. I turned on the camera and she proceeded to talk for half an hour about her life in Ethiopia. This will be GOLD to her some day. Right now she's telling me how her brother Wassie could run to the store faster than she could.

The funny thing is, we are all enjoying Saffron's cheerfulness except one: Willa. Today Willa said with a frown, "Mom, you said me everyday nice. Saffron everyday sad. Now, ahune, Saffron nice."

"Aren't you happy Saffron is happy? Don't you want her to be?" I asked.

"No!" she said.

And it's true. She isn't. The more even-keel Saffron gets the more uneven Willa gets. It's rather hilarious. I think Willa was thriving in her identity as the easy one, and now she's going to have to reinvent herself. Ahh . . . It never gets boring around here.

Jasper and Ruby: since you are reading this I must
be dead, and you must be reviewing my collected works for posthumous publication. For the record, I love you both desperately and am still caring for you and cherishing you everyday--even if you're not making the Blog News. Take it as a compliment. I'll make it up to you in the will.


Melissa said...

It'll be interesting to see how Willa is in a week or so.
Love the Jasper/Ruby comment.

Brooke said...

You always have something brewing at your home. Good luck with this one. It's like I say, if it's not one child it's another. Can't wait for the trip!

amydear said...

That Willa sounds like such a cutie. It is always hard when you are the good kid and someone else decides to be good. I remember that from my own childhood.

JenSav said...

This was CLASSIC! What a hilarious post of real life & the last line . . . "I'll make it up to you in the will." I love it. :)