Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Diversion to Delphi

You've got to visit my sister's blog, msscreensiren, and check out my favorite singing dog, Delphi, in the top left corner.

The best thing about Delphi's singing is how it came about, and how it continues. When Delphi was purchased as a puppy, Rachel was a struggling actor in New York who often practiced her singing for auditions. Delphi, feeling neglected while Rachel practiced, I think, began singing along, and competing with Rachel for volume.

Now, over a decade later, poor old Delphi MUST sing at least once a day--it seems necessary to her happiness and mental health. So, when we tend Delphi, my kids' favorite pastime is to have Delphi sing--several times a day. Delphi puts her paws on your chest when she wants to sing and then, when she finishes, kisses you all over like, "Ahh, yes! Thank you for scratching that itch." Delphi, we love you, babe. Sing for your supper!


Percy2626 said...

Oh my! That is crazy. Good times and lots of great memories I'm sure. Loved how you can only hear your sister when Delphi stops for a breath! :D

Rachel said...

How is Ireland? Would you believe that Delphi now sings with anyone...need to tape her singing with Elmo because that is funny.