Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Wear My Sunglasses at Church

"Mom me everyday drink. Me everyday bathroom, flush, wash  hands. Me everyday sleep." 
-quote of the day from Willa
"Mom, my shoes offing." 
-quote of the day from Saffron 

I'm blogging from my phone to try and trick myself into not thinking I'm blogging. Otherwise, it stresses me out. 

So, isn't it true that getting back into real life after a vacation is a lot like getting hit by all those gallons of cold water on the river rapid ride at Disneyworld? Except not as fun. We all got in late last night, and after a week of far too little sleep, church this morning and homework makeup tonight were pretty grumpy and grueling. In fact, because fatigue headaches always go to my eyes (because of previous eye disease) and make them very sensitive to light, and because I always have a pair on sunglasses with me, I couldn't resist sporting my white 'Hollywood-incognito' sunglasses all through Sacrament Meeting.  It was either that or leave. I hope everyone enjoyed speculating on whether I had a hangover or just bad taste. Either way, now that the girls are better behaved in church I figure I need to give the masses some new distraction.

Speaking of behavior, how do you discipline hyper eight-and-six-year-olds on a tiny airplane? Never considered that question? Neither had I until last night. All the things that used to work with little kids are no longer succesful. 

We were on our second leg of our flight home last night with Jasper finally getting his turn to sit by me, and Ruby sitting by Saffron (Steve and Willa flew separately).  Ruby and Saffron got a terrible case of the giggled which would have been acceptable on the bedroom floor, but not so much on a quiet cramped airplane. (Except that their giggling and my quiet but urgent reprimands provided entertainment for the bored, cramped passengers.  My calling in life, apparently.)
I calmly scolded, coaxed, threatened, and explained airplane danger and etiquette for about an hour before deciding I better get serious.  Jasper had already been feeling left out all week and missing me, because he is older and independent and kept getting sent off to ride rides with other people, so I wasn't willing to make him go sit by one of the girls. As happy as I was to see Saffron and Ruby having such fun together, it was really time to put a stop to it. This was bothering people. So, I said they had to separate and because Saffron is older, I sent her back to a seat two rows behind us for a couple minutes. Boy! That was a serious affront. She came back and proceeded to cry and pound and stomp in her seat. This was zero improvent over the giggling. This went on for a while and included the usuals, like refusing all food and crying pointedly at me, almost leaning over the aisle. But, then she just stopped. 

"Mom, you mad me sad?"
"No, I'm not mad," I said. 

And then she was fine. They all went to sleep. And it reminded me how amazing it is that they've come so far in four months. This vacation went better than I ever imagined--the girls got along, and took turns, and usually kept the pouting to a minimum (except for the time Saffron told me 'I want lost,' and and pouted away from us while we rode the Honey Pooh ride. I knew she wouldn't go far and we had a scout keep an eye on her.) 

Saffron is one complicated girl, and we'll never understand it all. Just yesterday she told me the reason she sulked for so long after I scolded her for not saying thank you to a brother-in-law who bought her dinner, was that her dad used to punish her for eating at neighbors' houses. 
"I know you not like my dad, Mom, but me scary. I don't know.". But Saffron is also one quick learner-- she pays attention, and adapts, and makes huge strides every week.  The women in my family are pretty tough cookies, and I think she'll fit right in. 

It was interesting to hear my family's impression of the girls. They said Saffron seemed very attached to me and always wanted to know where I was when she was off riding with other people. This was nice to hear, as I always feel like Willa would happily move in with anyone who would play with her and feed her unlimited bananas. I'm just the one who put her shirts in time out when she wouldn't put them away, and limits her daily banana intake.  But that's ok. We all need time to bond. 

So, all in all a good trip to the happiest place on earth. 

This post is brought to you by the letter M, as in 'moviestar.'. Saffron put my sunglasses on in church while I went up to sing with the choir. She was thrilled thst the woman behind us leaned forward and said "You look like a 'moviestar!" 

"What's a 'moviestar?" I asked.
"I don't know." 


Jennifer said...

Glad you had a good time. Yes, amazing triumphs for only having the girls and new family life for 4 months. You are so fashionable, sunglasses at church (on you) wouldn't phase me one bit! You know, if you weren't a writer, I think you would be an actress anyway! That was intended to be a compliment... Lots of Love

Emily said...

All this time I thought the sunglasses were for the vacation hangover or an emotional outburst, two major reasons I personally wear sunglasses....

Those airplane rides in a limited space with strangers....ugh. They ought to make cry rooms on airplanes. Some adults might like to use a cry room occasionally, too.

Glad you had fun, but we're glad you are back.

it's just lisa said...

That's great! I love your writing style. Wish I could have seen the sunglasses at church :)

Amber Swensen said...

This comment is brought to you by the letter s for smile, because your posts always make me smile.

Brooke said...

I'm so glad that you had a great trip. Exhausting as it was. I'm sure the girls will never forget it. I'm also sure that it was great for the rest of the family to meet and be with the girls who are new to the family. There were lots of meetings and greetings with the new baby Bowman oo. Can't wait to go on the "grown-ups" only trip.

MsScreensiren said...

I would have loved to see you! I don't think I could get away with it. BRAVO!

Charlotte said...

The sunglasses in church is an example of why I like you so much. It is awesome for me to see more and more why you are the one who needed to be the mom to all of your kids.