Sunday, October 25, 2009

Slow News Day


The London Half
Let's see. . . . Sitting in a nice London hotel room,
watching British comedy on TV, having put
my used toilet paper in the toilet (though Ruby forgot and put
hers in the waste bin), and had a good ol'
Subway sandwich for dinner. The best part
was seeing Sara and Dave and Hattie once more before
heading back to the States. Besides the flying all night with two kids asleep on me, thoroughly bothered to watch other passengers enjoy the extra room created by my three missing family members while we three present ones squished together for hours, I count this a pretty good day for this half of the family.

The Addis Half
Let's see. . . . Traditional Ethiopian injera for dinner--girls loved it, Steve
decided to go with handfuls of Ethiopian Apple
Jacks instead. But Tinsae's choice of
Mary Poppins for the evening movie? Sounds like everyone was happy with that. Otherwise, they went to church and spent a slow, quiet day at the guest home. It's not bad, but also getting old to pass yet another day just waiting to see if there will be fingerprints at the embassy in the morning.

The Horse
Yesterday when we returned from Meki, we thought we saw our friend the
poor, starving horse lying on a side street, dead. Oh, we hope so. It would be a gift for the horse, and a fitting end to our journey together to have him depart the same day as at least half the fam.

Steve was pooped and I'm blogging from
a phone, so it's a good thing it was a slow
news day today.


Rachel said...

I sure hope that there is good news on both fronts arrival in the US and fingerprints!

Amanda said...

Emily and Steve,

We love you. We are praying for your family to be together safely and quickly. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us. (I've flushed all my sobby tissues down the toilet in your honor as I've read.)

Love and happiness, crossed fingers and cheers,
Amanda and Dan

Brett Bailey said...

What a saga. We are praying for a quick and happy end to Part II. Kathleen & Brett

Brooke said...

Emily and Steve,
We hope that things go better in the next few days for Steve and the girls. I know you must be board to death with nothing to do and nowhere to go, lest you miss the ever important call. I've been stuck in a country or two, nothing quite like you, but it's not that fun and I didn't have two little ones with me. Good luck.
Emily and kids, hope a nice London hotel and toilet and some much needed loves from family did your hearts well. Can't wait for your arrival back to Utah today.

Emily said...

Many of my thoughts and prayers are occupied by the Swensen family of late. I hope you know how much your experiences are affecting so many, and touching my heart in particular, from your interest in the suffering horse to the thoughtful gestures of soaking up Ethiopia in language and video. Soon you will be all together and these horribly slow days with no news will be behind you.

Welcome home, you've been missed.


Amber Swensen said...

Aww, I'm so glad that horse left. I was so sad to see it suffering.