Thursday, October 22, 2009


Written WEDNESDAY NIGHT but internet connectivity, like so many other
aspects of life right now, has been very frustrating…

Today was a pretty lousy day on all fronts.  The kids all fought and
whined.  We had to make another humiliating appearance at the embassy
to take care of power of attorney, in preparation for the depressing
prospect of Steve leaving and me staying here.  Still no fingerprints.
We went to the leprosy hospital which was a really cool place, but
all the people were at lunch, the guy from the branch who works there
was off for the day, and Ruby had a total breakdown.  Gecho got a

The highlight of my day was having the first green vegetables I've had
in recent memory.  The only fruit and veg I've had is cooked carrots
on two occasions, and bananas here and there.  If it weren't for all
the Coke I'm drinking, I'd be all plugged up.  I haven't had much
appetite the last couple days, unless you call a craving for Ibuprofen
an appetite.  But tonight at a really-almost-American-like restaurant,
called LimeTree, I had a Caesar salad.  I devoured it.  I also ate
half of Steve's Greek salad.

For the first time in over 10 days, we actually forgot to take our
phone to dinner.  When we returned we had a missed call from Abebe,
who had received a phone question from the embassy.  This is great
news--they are looking at our file.  We also received a really
encouraging email from a Senator's aide, indicating that she had
received a response from the embassy promising attention to our case.
This is wonderful news!  This was an even bigger highlight than my

I'm only cautiously optimistic, because tomorrow is the last possible
day we could have an interview and still get out of here Saturday.
That means they would have to get fingerprints tomorrow and schedule a
same-day interview.  That seems like a slim chance, but now that
they're making an extra effort I really hope it will happen somehow.
I guess the biggest obstacle is still having the fingerprints arrive,
though, because that's something without which they absolutely won't

One thing I had not anticipated is that having the process be really
crappy and stressful makes you question the whole adoption.  I guess
it's like when you have a horrible moving experience, and wonder if
you really should've moved in the first place.  I'm trying to be aware
of this fact and stay logical, and not doubt everything that felt good
before, but it's difficult.  I also see the girls bonding to the staff
here, to whom they can speak Amharic.  That's one of the things that
worries me about staying longer--that it will really slow our bonding
with each other.  And I know the sooner we really bond, the sooner
we'll both feel better about things.  Though I now know quite a few
Amharic words, I started putting my foot down a bit today and
insisting on English.  I also refused to let anyone else comfort B in
Amharic during her tantrum today.  I made her stay in the room with
me, until I finally put her in the shower to distract her from her
bawling.  It's still quite a novelty, and by the time I got her
dressed again she had given up (about an hour).

You'll all be asleep during the crunch hours tomorrow, so please wish
us the best before you nod off.  An interview Thursday is our last
hope of going home all together.

This post is brought to you by the letter 'L', as in, the Lame horse
who is still in the median in the middle of our road, after 10 days.
He is starving to death.  You can now see every bone.  Though I see
and give to beggars on the street every day here, this is the sighte
that most breaks my heart.  I've never been a big animal advocate, but
there is something about this beast of burden abandoned in the middle
of a busy urban area.  People seem to believe in helping people here,
but not animals.  I'm no longer wishing I could somehow pay for a vet
to pick up this animal; now I'm wishing I were Jason Bourne, and I was
staying here speaking the language perfectly (as he always does), and
I had a gun with a silencer, and was a softie inside (as I know he
is), and could sneak out tonight and put this poor horse out of his


Emily said...

YOu guys are in my thoughts! I hope you get your interview in time! The stress really does affect your whole experience. We certainly felt that way. We were lucky that things got organized for us in time that we could spend a couple of days after it was all over to unwind. The day after we got our visa, we almost changed our flight to go home early. We were just so bummed and upset. Good luck... I hope it all works out!

Melissa said...

Sorry man, that blows. I guess you don't think about the abundance of fruit and veges we have until you don't have them. I'm glad you got a salad.
I feel so bad for that horse.
Good for you sticking to your guns with English as well. They're going to have to learn it eventually.

Sovic Clan said...

Prayers are sent your way!

Karl said...

Hang in there!! We're on the same team! :)

Charlotte said...

We are all praying and crossing our fingers for you. Somehow I doubt Madonna went through all of this when she was adopting. Geez.

Brooke said...

I've been waiting for a new post. I WILL pray that all goes well and that you get the fingerprinting done. I know it's what you really want and life can't really move on until this happens. We are sending you all our possitive vibes.

I too wish someone would just put the horse down. Sometimes, I feel like the lame horse and wish someone would just put me down.

Hopefully all the calls to the Embassy will help expedite your case. BIG LOVES AND HUGS to you and Steve.

Can't wait for a grown-up trip in May?!

emilysouthers said...

a flood of thoughts are running through my head after reading your post, but this one sticks out the most, it is a quote from a YSA (young single adult- and yes i still fit in that catagory for 2 more months) fireside from last week: "...the Holy Ghost will never prompt us to do something we cannot do- it may require EXTRAORDINARY effort and much time, patience, prayer, and obedience but we can do it."
hang in there, keep focused on your goal and know that you will be blessed.

garth bruner said...

Garth and my only comment...we must pray more for you! Love always, Jen and Garth and family

mrice said...

Praying hard for you tonight. I know what you are saying about questioning what you are doing, but we can be so trained to believe that when we are doing right, things come easily. Not so. We have to do right and persevere (meaning obstacles come). Don't give up. I'll bet you could cut the stress with a knife! Just before the light is the greatest darkness sometimes.
Love to all.
I will eagerly wait to hear what happens.

mrice said...

p.s. the last comment come to you from the letter E for Em Rice

JenSav said...

Oh I love you Emily. I know this an "old post" but you still are hanging in there and finding something funny to write about in the midst of it all. Way to Go! I love the Borne refrence - what a great set of films & yes he definitely is a softie - how could he not be with those eyes and that smile . . . and those abs . . . and arms. . . etc. :)