Sunday, January 06, 2013

Recent Assignments I've Been Given at Work

Surf YouTube
Surf Buzzfeed
Surf Mashable
Spend more time on Pinterest

Yep. My job is pretty cool.


Brooke said...

What, where are you working now? What are the hours like? Missed seeing u at Christmas. I'll catch you in the summer.

Kristin said...

I checked out the website. It's pretty cool! Definitely one stop shopping!

Cute Cyrus runnin vid btw. That kid has a lot of energy!

Emily Swensen said...

Hey Brooker! Yes--I missed seeing you, too. I work for Deseret Digital Media, where I am Managing Editor for the new website It is part time and mostly from home, which is perfect. The people are great, and I'm enjoying working again more than I thought I would.

Definitely check out the site. And Kristin, tons of changes in design, etc., are coming in the next two months, so look at the site again in a while.

Love you guys, Emily