Saturday, October 02, 2010

Standing, Squatting, and Giggling with your Siblings

Jasper and Ruby and Saffron are having a giggle-fest in the kitchen. Saffron has learned to love our teasing ways, and laughs her head off when teased (nice teasing, of course). She's fun to tease, because she's still not sure when it's teasing and when it's truth, or quite how to tease successfully herself.

Just now we were talking about diapers for some reason, and whether we had any. I said, "Well, there are those ones left over from when you first came. I thought you and Willa were babies, so the first couple of weeks I put you in diapers and rocked you in the cradle. But then we noticed you were a little big for a baby. You weren't fitting very well in the baby clothes, and you seemed to be trying to talk to us."

"You also seemed a little too smart for a baby," Jasper added.

Saffron looked at me quizzically at first, searching her memory and asking me if we really did this when she first came. When I grinned she burst into giggles and said. "No you did not! I don't remember that!"

Then amid her giggles, clearly with diapers on the brain, she started telling us a story about her first experience with a western-style toilet. I was about to try to write it the way she said it, but then I thought why not just film it? So here goes:


Sally said...

What amazing strides you have all made in the last year. And Saffron speaks so well in English. I bet that Western loos are not the only things she has found puzzling in America!

ellen said...

Just this weekend someone asked about you--it's nice to a post!

Brooke said...

I'm loving that after all this time you are still finding things that she can remember from her life in Ethiopia. I'm sure it's hard to remember to stop and film them all. Life can get so busy and stressful without worrying about catching all the memories on film.

Kristin said...

Wow! She is talking so well! Her English has really improved a lot. Cute belly face Jasper!

Jennifer said...

First of all, so glad to see a new post! After checking SEVERAL times, I thought your blog was abandoned!! (Just wanted to let you know, we still care even if we don't keep in contact.) Secondly, our family thoroughly enjoyed watching the video. Loved it actually! Thanks for the update. We Love You :)

Rachel said...

This is hilarious! I was just discussing squatty potties with another family who adopted from China yesterday!
Glad you got this on tape. We miss all of you!