Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Share and Share Alike

Last night I was up until after 3:00 AM prepping for our trip. This morning I was up early to get the kids off to school, and dive right back into the packing. After hours again at that, I was getting really sick of it all. It seemed there weren't enough hours in the day, and I just want to be done, already! And gone, already! But then I had the unexpected pleasure of whiling away an hour or so with a dear old friend. Boy, was that hour worth it--it was the most "productive" hour of my day.

Betwixt the talk of gray hairs, and sagging boobs--and the never-ending naming story in which I never-endingly search for the one, perfect name for our younger new daughter (we've already named the older one)--Kellie reminded me that people really care about what we're doing. They want to be supportive, and involved, and have ownership in our adoption. I needed to hear that. One of the reasons I have trouble blogging is that I tend toward the opposite of narcissistic: rather than loving to talk about the things in my life, I am hobbled by a fear of being self-absorbed, thrusting my life onto others. Growing up I prided myself on being the one who could take care of herself. It's hard to shake that personal expectation. This is not always a good characteristic--you miss out on a lot of good moments with people when you underestimate their interest in you. (Right now a few people in my life, like my sister Sara, are probably begging to differ about my reservedness with details. I mean in GENERAL, guys.)

I want to share more details about our adoption on this blog, and I want people to feel involved. It's just hard for me to do it. Also, I worry about exploiting the girls. But I'm going to try (to share, of course--not to exploit them!).

So here it goes, Kel! Not that we're counting anything in particular, but let's just say this blog post is brought to you by the number 2. As in, comes after 1 on the way to a hundred. And as in, A.M. Ugh. Goodnight, already!


Melissa said...

Good luck Emily.
We're so excited for you guys.
This is gonna be awesome.

Brooke said...

We want to hear all the details. Write some of them down, once you have 4 children you are not going to remember all the little details of the long trip. Loves to each of you. Have a fabulous trip in England, and Ethiopia.

Sovic Clan said...

You are just trying to protect the girls. Totally understandable! People are excited, thrilled, anxious to hear news, can't wait to meet them, and many, many more feelings for your family! Travel safe! Enjoy all your little moments and bring us back blog#3:)

Tyler said...

Hooray! If you are brave enough to plunge into 100 days of blogging, I can at least gather up my courage to leave a comment of gratitude!

We celebrate this adoption for you and for all of us who have already been blessed by it. So, yes, it's partly a selfish celebration, that's for sure, and we're just thankful that you'd be willing to let us tag along for the ride.

Love and good wishes,

PS: Talking with you always feels like sustenance, Em, and I hope for many more hours away from our to-do lists. Travel safely!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for giving me something to look forward too. Let the adventure begin or really I should say continue....